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official address

le Bourg

58110 Brinay


contact address in Belgium

st rochusstraat 139

2100 deurne



mobile +32 456 113824

whatsapp +33 6 34300905

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You have a shop or e-commerce and you're interested in selling our cards and prints? Send us an email and we'll get back to you with info and wholesale prices as quick as possible.




We let supermarkets and online stores take over the small local shops. We click and buy, clothes made in Turkey, toys made in China and exotic fruit grown in Africa or Latin America ... At the same time we complain about villages and small cities full of empty shops and empty streets. We visit local artist shops on holiday and say what they made (by hand) is overpriced ... it is, compared to the mass produced things we buy, of course. We forget the time and effort artists put in their work, we forget the heart and soul small local business put in their shops ... and they are left abandonned. They are all but forgotten. In this series I'm focussing on these places, and their beauty. I hope one day we will be able to appreciate them more than we do now.

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