Hi there,

I'm Gert, founder of Fabrique Bakelite. Apart from drawing, taking pictures and illustrating, my life is a colorful compilation of French nature, Belgian citylife, vintage found on flea markets, coffee (black), pies and cookies, preferably homebaked, complaints about my weight (I blame those pies), visits to the Zoo, and minor moments of chaos.

Ok, maybe minor is not the correct word here.

With Fabrique Bakelite I have been releasing cards, prints and gadgets with my own designs and illustrations. They have been for sale in various shops and pop-ups in Belgium and France,  on markets, and at exhibitions and galleries. In december 2019 I opened my own artist shop in the historical centre of Antwerp (Belgium), where I combine my own illustrations with vintage items: Galerie Frits.​

On this website, you will get an idea of my work. Feel free to leave me a comment, and of course, to pay me a visit in my quirky little shop!







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Pop-up Unit 25
Unit 25
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A Better Blend
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